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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mckay's first p-day at the Provo MTC

Boxberger Family!
Hey hows it going familia?  I'm washing clothes by myself again. I love my first p-day!   How's the family, I making sure this makes it out to your inbox in case you didn't get my mail the first time.  How's dad, are his shifts still wearing him out?
Please know that I love every single one of you and I hope Mason and Kenny are considering about taking a mission, they'll never regret it.  Read the preach my gospel over and over and over without faint, it will help you tons!  I admit though that the last few days were pretty rough and overwhelming. 
I'll emphisize that they certainly call it missionary work for a reason.  But I'm fine now I took a temple session and really felt that I am able to do hard things. 
All I can say is be prepared I say it once more BE PREPARED!  Mentally and Phisically as well as spritually.
Elder Boxberger